• Do Not Upload Torrents that are Fake, Infected or Spam.
  • No Malicious Content such as Keyloggers or Bitcoin Miners
  • No Password Protected torrents, any passwords must be included in a text file within the torrent.
  • Child Pornography and Zoophilia are strictly forbidden.
  • Do not Re-Tag/De-Tag other users Torrents.
  • No Manipulating or Faking the Seed Count.
  • Do Not Upload Torrents containing Real Violence, Rape, Coprophilia or any Torrent Intentionally Provoking Hatred & Violence.
  • No Incest Pornography, Role Play must be made clear in the description.
  • Should your torrent receive a genuine DMCA complaint it will be removed, you cannot appeal and we will not restore them.

How to gain Verified Uploader Status:

  • Upload a minimum of 20 torrents consistently over a 4 week period.
  • Torrents must be seeded and contain some description.


  • Comment about the quality of the actual torrent, the content of the torrent is irrelevant.
  • As long you mention the quality of the torrent you may make a very brief comment regarding the content.
  • Your Rating of a torrent should be based on the torrent quality not the content.
  • Commenting on your own torrents is only allowed to answer questions.


  • Choose your Username wisely, Anything obscene, hateful, racist or violating rules will be removed. Nudity in your avatar is also not allowed.
  • Cursing is allowed on your profile but insulting others is not.
  • Duplicate accounts are strictly forbidden.


  • Post your Threads in the correct section, any threads posted in the wrong section will be moved by mods.
  • Cursing is not allowed the only exceptions are the Adult section and certain Social Groups.
  • Serial Numbers, Keygens & Cracks are only allowed in PM.
  • No duplicate Threads, please use the search function before posting.
  • Respect and consideration should be shown towards all users at all times.
  • Any type of bullying is strictly forbidden and will be taken very seriously.
  • The Bloves Rule. If a user is unable to understand our rules or cooperate with the mods in solving the rule violation issue, he will fall under the Bloves Rule and declared a persona non grata. Any of his further established accounts will be removed after a first serious violation and the staff will refuse to cooperate with this user in order to solve this problem.

External Links:

  • You may post external links depending on their nature and where they lead to. The link should be related to the subject/topic where you intend to post. Common sense should be used when posting links to ensure the safety of our users. Mods will decide at their own discretion whether or not to remove a link they consider unsafe or not welcome.


  • The administration holds no responsibilities for any damage that may occur while using our website or due to torrents you might find through our website.
  • The administration holds no direct responsibility for interaction between the users, although we do our best to regulate it. You are personally responsible for disclosing or exchanging any kind of personal information between you and other users through personal messages, statuses, comments or forum posts. We are not responsible for any harm that may occur due to such situations.
  • The administration holds no responsibility for any legal or copyright Issues. Each user should personally check local copyright laws and regulations and the rules of their internet service provider.


  • Should anything occur that isn't mentioned here it doesn't mean it is allowed or not considered violation of the rules.
  • Mods, Staff & Site Admin will deal with certain situations on a case-by-case basis.
  • We want every user to feel welcome here, have fun, make friends and enjoy the site features & functions as much as possible. In order to do that it is important that every user follows our rules.

The MfT Team